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2022 Grading Dates

United Kingdom Sooyang Do Association - Grading Dates 2022

Posted on: 04 March 2022
Instructor Promotions

A Message from MASTER WOOD -


The recent belt examinations on 11th and 12th December provided another opportunity for our instructors and students to show exactly what is special about our art and to demonstrate why our popularity has endured despite another challenging year for everyone.

Posted on: 20 December 2021
Sunday 12th September 2021 Gradings

BROWN to BROWN SENIOR - 10.30am floor commencement


DAN - 1pm floor commencent

Posted on: 08 September 2021

Exciting new developments in Spring and £2,000 raised for local charity Clan

The growth and development of Sooyang Do and its members continues in the North East..............

Introduction of Touch Sparring

Sooyang Do Martial Art International are holding a series of coaching sessions, designed to introduce Sooyang Do black - belt students to point/touch sparring. 

Although the participation in our light/continuous sparring classes and competitions is high and proving to be extremely popular, a lot of interest has recently been expressed in pursuing the merits of this alternative sparring/competition environment. 

We are extremely fortunate, in this regard, to have Mr David Bremner as one of our most senior instructors. Mr Bremner has a great deal of expertise and experience in this area, both as a competitor, judge and coach, and it is a tribute to his devotion to Sooyang Do, that he has kindly offered even more of his time to Sooyang Do, by helping those who might like to develop and express their Sooyang Do ability in a new way. 

Please contact your Class Instructor for further information or to express an interest in participating in any of these sessions.  


Focusmittathon 2016

During the night of Saturday 23rd April and the morning of Sunday 24th April, the Sooyang Do team gathered, once again, to push their bodies to the limit in their annual 12 hour Sooyang Do marathon which raised £2000  for one of our adopted charities - Clan Cancer Support. 

Chief Instructor - Mr David Bremner, who has been organising and promoting this event for nine years, expressed his pride in all concerned whilst announcing, to the exhausted volunteers, that he has an idea for the 10th anniversary, with the promise that it will be even more extreme! 

As well as Mr Bremner, our thanks go to our Publicity Officer - Mrs Colleen McIver, for helping to make this marvellous and worthy event such a success, as well as all of the Instructors who sacrificed a night in bed to both help and participate. 

Of course, the real heroes are those who took part, especially the younger ones, and the parents who helped with so many aspects of making this event a success and for continuing to afford us the privilege of playing some small part in the development of these wonderful young people. 

We should also thank the sponsors, such as Westdyke Leisure Centre, Eyecandy, Bookers Cash and Carry and Tesco (Westhill)  for both their assistance and support. 

Well done to all and thank you all so much.


Maersk Star Award for Portlethen student

Congratulations to Portlethen Junior Leader Mr Farquhar in being awarded Winner of the Maersk Star Award in the category of Getting Involved. The award was presented by Jonathan Milne, Head of External Relations and Communications at Maersk Oil.

The judges felt that his nomination showed respect for others, commitment to participate responsibly in many aspects of school, political, social and cultural life, encouraging peers by showing entrepreneurial skills, also being a great role model for younger pupils in martial arts. 

His reliability, polite and courteous manner is recognised, making him an excellent ambassador for Portlethen Academy and Sooyang Do.


Junior Leader Course

A special course, exclusively for Sooyang Do Junior Leaders, is to be held on Friday 29th April at the Jesmond Centre. This course will include information on both the responsibilities and rewards, for those who volunteer for these roles, and will also include basic first - aid training. 

Junior Leaders will, of course, not be responsible for first - aid during classes or any other events, but we hope that such training may prove useful for the individuals concerned.  

Posted on: 27 April 2016