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2022 Grading Dates

United Kingdom Sooyang Do Association - Grading Dates 2022

Posted on: 04 March 2022
Instructor Promotions

A Message from MASTER WOOD -


The recent belt examinations on 11th and 12th December provided another opportunity for our instructors and students to show exactly what is special about our art and to demonstrate why our popularity has endured despite another challenging year for everyone.

Posted on: 20 December 2021
Sunday 12th September 2021 Gradings

BROWN to BROWN SENIOR - 10.30am floor commencement


DAN - 1pm floor commencent

Posted on: 08 September 2021

Sooyang Do celebrates its 15th Anniversary

Founder Master Bruce Wood expresses his thanks to his devoted instructors and members............

It was my great pleasure to return to Scotland, not only to preside over belt examinations which were a huge success and testament to the hard work and excellence of instructors’ and students alike, but to celebrate fifteen years of Sooyang Do in Scotland.


During the past fifteen years my loyal instructors, some of whom have been with me since 19th May 2003 when Sooyang Do was founded, and myself have faced many challenges together, none more so than Mr Bremner, Mr Collins and Mr and Mrs McIver who were part of my original team, with Mrs Moar graduating from student to instructor shortly afterwards.Only this small group know the nature of the challenges we had to rise to in the early years, particularly in the face of some less than ethical behaviour on the part of some in the martial arts world who did not appear to welcome the incredible success of Sooyang Do.  The loyalty, integrity, talent and diligence of this group of instructors are what made it possible for Sooyang Do to become established and it is with great pride that I can observe their huge personal successand with extreme gratitude that I appreciate their enduring loyalty.

The UKSA Committee continue to do a fantastic job in the background to keep Sooyang Do up-to-date with legislation and regulatory changes which impact on the day to day running of Sooyang Do.  The Committee also ensure the safety of all students and instructors on a daily basis, with each officer performing an important role.  

It was also reassuring to witness the talent and dedication of the younger instructors, trainee instructors and students, whowill ensure the future of Sooyang Do is in good hands and that we will continue to develop Sooyang Do and I look forward to the next fifteen years with the greatest of confidence that Sooyang Do will endure and flourish.

Posted on: 04 June 2018